Measurement of concept

The building block of theory representing the points around which business research is conducted is called as concepts. If a concept is to be used in quantitative research, it needs to be measured with which they can take independent and … Continued

Developing a research plan

The research plan helps the researcher in organising his ideas making it possible for him to look for flaws and discrepancies. The research objective is to be stated clearly and precisely: üThe problem identification should be done explicitly to have … Continued

Longitudinal research and the case study

Research through case study has been frequently including a longitudinal element. The researcher is seen as a participant of the particular organisation for months or years. As an alternate the researcher may conduct interviews with people over a long period. … Continued

Progressive focussing down for research questions:

Research is often started with a general research area or objective which should be narrowed down so as to develop a tighter focus from which unified research questions could be developed. The following restrictions regarding research questions should be kept … Continued