With our objective to offer transparent review process and methodology, we have published a list of our associated reviewers who have worked in diverse research fields. A few of which are enlisted below:

Business, Management and Accounting

Dr. Emma Williams, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Mike Sparks, DBA
Dr. Lauren Riley
Prof. Jacqueline N. Wilson, Lancaster University Management School
Dr. Rob Than, PhD, MBA, Capella University

Economics and Finance

Dr. James Smith
Dr. Deborah Flowers, MIT
Prof. George Davis, Doctor in Finance, NYU Stern
Dr. Rebecca Barns

Nursing and Healthcare

Dr. Mark Lewis, MD, University of Alabama School of Medicine
Dr. John Fox, Pharmacy

Education and Gender Studies

Dr. Rachel Thompson, PhD in Sociology, University of Manchester
Prof. Michael Marshal, EdD, University of Cambridge
Dr. Sana Amari


Dr. Jessica M. Parker, Yale Law School

Computer Science and IT

Dr. Edward Campbell, Doctor in Computer Science
Dr. Clara Hilton, Cornell University

Physical Science and Engineering

Dr. Larry Young, Aerodynamics, Imperial College London
Dr. Sally Dykes, Doctor of Philosophy- Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Stanford Williams
Dr. Jose B. Kinsley, California Institute of Technology

Medicine and Life Sciences

Dr. Tiffany Moore, MD-PhD, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Kevin Richardson, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee
Dr. Jasmin Parker, DBMS, UEL
Dr. Kevin Richardson, Doctor in Philosophy
Dr. Henry Morris

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. John Shanon, PhD, Princeton University
Dr. Bayhas Nassar
Prof. Bradford C. Rezendes, Department of Statistics, Penn State University
Dr. Olivia Cox

Genetics and Biology

Dr. Ruth Benjamin, Dept. of Biological Sciences, CMU
Dr. Lindsey Henry, PhD, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Dr. Mark Klenk