‘Peer review of dissertation’– A bigger picture pre-submission pedagogy

The process of reviewing, editing, and formatting the dissertation to evaluate its standard and thereby improvising it is known as peer review. It is also known as scholarly, peer review, blind peer review or referring. The tag of ‘bigger picture pedagogy pre-submission’ is given to it because of its thorough analytical process. The process of peer review includes six fundamental steps that give complete coverage and assurance of success to the dissertation, and these are as follows –

1. Review of content by a subject matter expert – A subject matter expert is someone who has nailed knowledge of the subject. The dissertation during peer review goes into the hand of subject matter expert so that he can fetch the contextual view of the issue raised. Also, he can add some valuable inputs which might be missing from the dissertation.

2. Review of the methodology by methodologists – Research methodologies varies on the basis of research topic. Every topic has its own way of research and therefore chose either qualitative or quantitative research methodologies as its solution finder. A methodologist examines your dissertation right from the initial stage of setting hypothesis, choosing variables, applying significant tests and drawing conclusions. Review of all these methodological steps by a professional reduces the chance of error.

3. Review of language by PhD, editor – No matter how contextual and calculative your dissertation is, but if its language is bizarre, it draws an offensive remark. Therefore, language editing by a PhD, editor becomes essential. Review of language includes correction of sentence, vocabulary check, punctuation mark, spelling mistakes, and grammar check.

4. Review of citation format – Every university has its own citation format follow-up it varies from APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard. Peer review checks whether a scholar has followed all the guidelines of the university or not?

5. Review of Citation – Review of citation makes sure that every definition, quotation, or thoughts are taken from others are properly cited. They also check whether the name of the author, year of publication and the journal from which it is taken is cited or not?

6. Improvising suggestion – At last suggestions for improving dissertation is given that will obviously be value-adding points for your doctorate.

Therefore, peer review of the dissertation is designated as bigger picture pedagogy before submission that covers entire revision and corrective measures too. It will not only give a good impression of the scholar but will also award your degree in one go.

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  1. Kushi

    4th & 5th point lacks information. Explain them in detail.

  2. Ahmed

    Do peer reviewers scrutinize for tables and figures?

  3. James

    Isn’t review of citation format and review of citation the same?


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