Progressive focussing down for research questions:

Research is often started with a general research area or objective which should be narrowed down so as to develop a tighter focus from which unified research questions could be developed. The following restrictions regarding research questions should be kept in mind while framing them:

A research question should end with a question mark. A research question is incomplete without a question mark.

All the research questions that occur cannot be answered. This is not only concerned with issues of cost of the research but also the time involved. It is basically concerned with keeping a clear focus so that research questions are in relation to each other so that a coherent set of issues could be framed.

Therefore the researcher has to select from the possible research questions that he/she arrives at.

While making a selection it should be kept in mind that all the research questions should be in relation to each other. If it is not, the research would lack focus and a clear contribution to understanding would not be possible.

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