Developing a research plan

The research plan helps the researcher in organising his ideas making it possible for him to look for flaws and discrepancies. The research objective is to be stated clearly and precisely:

üThe problem identification should be done explicitly to have clear idea as to what is to be obtained in order to solve the problem.

üFor measurement of concept, they should be defined in operational terms in regard to the research project.

üThe plan of research should contain the method to solve the problem as well. Basically an overall description of approach to be adopted is to be provided and regarding any assumptions to be provided in the initial stage.

üThe research planning should also indulge in the detailing of techniques to be adopted. For example: if interview method is to be adpted, an account of the nature of the contemplated interview procedure is also to be stated. If for example, tests are to be given, the conditions under which they should be administered should also be specified along with the nature of instruments to be made use of. If another example of public records to be consulted as sources of data, the fact should be recorded in the research paln.detailing of procedure for quantifying data should also be spelt out.

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