My supervisor had already suggested me to rework on my dissertation twice, and I was apprehensive of the quality of the report. After I got the document peer reviewed and made the suggested changes, I was satisfied and confident.
– Sherry Johns


The Dissertation peer review team was a life saver for me. Without you, my document would have been a disaster. Thanks a lot.
– Alia Sheikh


When I received my scores for dissertation, I was so excited. The review committee was really impressed with the work, all thanks to the expert suggestions by the peer review team. Even my supervisor was pleasantly surprised and praised my dissertation.
– Maria A.


The detailed reports given by the reviewer reflected his knowledge and experience. It was really useful.
– Jonathan


I will certainly recommend you to my peer group. The deep review and the insights by the experts helped me save considerable time, which I would otherwise have wasted on making repeated corrections.
– Aden Thomas