Why Is Peer Review Important for Your Dissertation?

A scholarly article found in the journals, both online and in print. These articles are completely analysed by the experts and simply rejected if the matter found is copied or research done has nothing new in it. Scholarly articles properly reference to other subjects, if any, particular formula or any specific statement is taken from other papers, from you got motivation to choose that particular topic. Before being published, a panel of experts related to your area, closely analyse the dissertation work and even on one small topic the paper simply gets rejected. Scholarly articles are published on every subject or cover every stream, which is proven to be a great help for the students working under the same area. Hence, a scholarly article by an expert in a Science field can write about an experiment performed, and discuss their results and a relevant point is generally asked that how it is related to the previous work done. Listed below are some of the fire-ways to inform if the resource you are searching for:

  • Author– Authors of the Scholarly article are experts, which are written following a given format by the institution. On the top author name is given, followed by their details, such as their institution name, email Id’s and their designation, these three things are important to include with the author’s name.
  • Audience-make sure you have a targeted audience that is related to the area on which you are working or on which your dissertation is dependent. The audience is the perfect way to get the feedback, whether your research done on that particular topic is understandable to them or not. If not, then make sure you try your level best to make them understand because if they don’t understand your topic, then you cannot tell anybody in what ways your research is beneficial in today’s world.

3 Responses to “Why Is Peer Review Important for Your Dissertation?”

  1. Namy

    Peer review gives a scholar an idea of hat new dimension can be added to the thesis and also, which important point is necessary for thesis to have greater acceptance.

  2. Manika

    It is very important in terms of quality control of the work!

  3. Cynthia

    I never knew peer review was so important


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