We have been fielding this question from the moment we established our firm offering peer review services. Peer review is not only involved in the process of journal publication but can be extremely useful for the finalization of your doctoral dissertation. Not every student understands the necessity of getting dissertation peer reviewed. He assumes that unless he aims for publishing his paper, peer review isn’t needed. It is true that no university asks for a dissertation stamped as peer-reviewed, but it is also true that no university accepts a dissertation with inconsistency. So what is this peer review? Does it mean editing? Let us take a closer look at both peer review and editing with these frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Difference Between Peer Review And Editing?

In peer review process, any scholarly piece of written work is evaluated by a peer or a subject-matter expert for determining its overall quality, originality, and validity. The writing style, grammar or other aspects of your dissertation are kept under consideration; editing aims to improvise it.

Isn’t The Peer Review Process Is Followed Only By The Journals?

No. There is no obligation that only journals include peer review evaluation in the manuscript submission process. The sole purpose of peer review is to upgrade and polish the standard of any written work. Any scholar in any research area can flourish the scope of their paper by receiving feedback from peer reviewers.

Can We Consider An Editor And Peer Reviewer Same?

No. An editor deals with the aspects of the dissertation development issues such as logic, coherence, presentation, tone, and style of writing. An editor ensures that the researcher’s opinions are best presented with an impact quality of the drafting whereas a peer reviewer, belonging from the same research area, can further advise him regarding the research. Like peer reviewers, an editor cannot advise the researcher of how he would have conducted his research, what research methods would have made a difference or any other suggestions which would help him in developing a good dissertation as well as a conducting a good research.

Which Is Better For My Dissertation: Editing Or Peer Review?

For a good dissertation, both editing and peer review are advantageous. Editing rectifies the structure of your dissertation whereas peer review gives you an extensive analysis of your dissertation. However, peer review includes editing and proofreading in itself.

Do You Offer Peer Review Or Editing Services?

We offer dissertation peer review service for the doctoral candidates which includes both editing and proofreading. In our team, we have assembled the qualified professors from all research disciplines from Management to Statistics for evaluation of your dissertation. We provide you with feedback, a clean dissertation copy along with one in track changes mode edited by our reviewers.

What All Aspects Of A Paper Are Checked During Peer Review?

Peer review provides you with a detailed report of analyzed dissertation in which following things are thoroughly checked:

1.If the individual chapters need rewriting or not.

2.If there is any jargon or ambiguity in the dissertation.

3.If the dissertation requires modifications regarding concepts, theories, terminologies.

4.If the research is broadening the scope of existing knowledge or not.

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