Measurement of concept

The building block of theory representing the points around which business research is conducted is called as concepts. If a concept is to be used in quantitative research, it needs to be measured with which they can take independent and dependent form. Concepts basically provide an explanation of a specific feature of the social world. The concept of organisational performance could be used either ways. This concept is of use for explanation of possible explanation of culture or to explain something. There are few reasons for measurement in quantitative research:
Measurement facilitates differentiation between people with regard to the characteristics in question. As finer distinctions are more difficult to recognise therefore this kind of measurement gives better results. We get consistent yardstick for making finding out such differences. This in turn helps to be consistent with time and other researchers.
More precise degree of relationship between concepts is given by measurement. Therefore, job satisfaction and the things with it is associated like stress-related illness, the researcher would be able to provide more precise estimates of how close knit the relationship is.

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