The practical advice of a peer review

There are many advantages of getting a peer review. However, one of the advantages is that the students get constructive criticism. It is not just important to get criticism, but it is also essential that the student get advice that … Continued

Why is it beneficial for you to get a peer review?

Before you submit your dissertation, you might feel super anxious about the comments you will receive from your professors. There is also a chance of rejection if your dissertation lacks quality or has certain elements that do not match the … Continued

Peer reviews for a better Dissertation

Now a days students have got many options to proof read their article, dissertation or a project report. Students can just request their friends to proof read the report and it can be done with multiple friends. By doing so … Continued

What are the steps of dissertation peer review?

Dissertation peer review is the process of getting the research document edited by some of the highly qualified editors of the industry. The peer review team is comprised of hundreds of talented editors who are experts in their field of … Continued

Constructive criticism for research papers

Researchers need to learn to cope with the criticism that their research paper is about to receive from the general public or interested audience at large. There are a few techniques to develop constructive criticism. Listed here are few of … Continued

Providing Constructive Criticism for Dissertation

Reviewing of a dissertation is an essential activity to make sure that the dissertation has an effective quality. A reviewer on the other hand has a responsibility to review the research documents and give appropriate guidance by providing professional services. … Continued

Steps taken in a peer review process

For any dissertation to be successful it is essential that it goes through a thorough peer review process. The tradition of peer review is very old and has been around in academic circles for quite a few centuries. It is … Continued