Steps in the process of a Dissertation Peer Review

Writing a thesis is a tedious and cumbersome job. It takes months of continuous hard work to get the final draft of the thesis. The last thing that the writer would want is, his thesis getting rejected for grammatical errors or some other mistakes which were overlooked by him. In such a case it is advisable to get the dissertation reviewed and approved by a professional dissertation reviewer. The reviewers possess the required qualifications to review dissertations relating to various subjects and streams.

The dissertation reviewer provides a review report with the minutest of details. The writer can use this review report to correct his dissertation. This enables the writer to produce an error-free dissertation for submission to the Dissertation Board and the chances of it getting approved in the first attempt are very high.

There is a procedure that all dissertation reviewers follow. Below, we take an overview of this process:

  • First the reviewer proof reads the document and simultaneously notes down the errors including grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, wrong citations, wrong construction of sentences and much more.
  • Next, he makes note of the formatting requirements of the document.
  • The aim of the reviewer is to ensure that the thesis follows all the methodologies and norms and is of a high-quality. He makes note of all the shortcomings.
  • The next step is to run the document through the grammar and spell check software. This check is the final check for all grammatical & spelling errors. The software also marks plagiarized content if any.

The reviewer then writes a peer review report incorporating the errors that he detected. While writing the report he highlights the following points:

  • The high and low points of the thesis.
  • The aptness of the introduction, thesis content & conclusion and whether all three are in correct correlation or not.
  • Has the correct procedure of paragraph writing been followed with a topic sentence in the beginning of the paragraph and a concluding sentence at the end of the paragraph? Is each of these sentences relevant to the body of the paragraph and the thesis as a whole? Is there a need to shorten or expand any of the paragraphs? Is each paragraph conveying correctly the idea or point it is supposed to convey?
  • Do the citations or quotations follow the required norms?
  • Is the formatting correct with proper usage of fonts, spacing, margins and header & footer etc?

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