Providing Constructive Criticism for Dissertation

Reviewing of a dissertation is an essential activity to make sure that the dissertation has an effective quality. A reviewer on the other hand has a responsibility to review the research documents and give appropriate guidance by providing professional services. Reviewer essentially has two tasks while reviewing and giving a constructive criticism. Firstly, reviewer needs to fully understand the researcher’s document and scan it critically by analyzing the strength of the arguments and clarity of the writing. The second step is to give appropriate and valuable criticism. Researcher on the other hand has responsibility to make reviewer understand his objectives and to be open to any criticism offered.

Constructive criticism is thus essential to make the scholar and reviewer understand that it is not an attack on the person or his opinions but on the way that it is presented. It deals with checking the quality of the report, its originality, and other grammatical errors. Reviewers assist in removing any confusing lying in a research document. Review members make it a point to understand the objectives of the researcher and hence help in identifying the gaps observed or portrayed in the documents with respect to the ideas originally thought by the researcher.

As quoted by Malcolm X that “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success”. And hence, with appropriate dissertation services, one can develop well researched and well constructively criticized paper.


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