Understanding a graduate student’s involvement in Dissertation Peer Review Process

A graduate student should be well involved in the dissertation peer review process. By getting involved, the student can grab the golden opportunity of learning a lot about the ins and outs related to the dissertation paper editing and proofreading process.

Here’s an infographic related to the involvement of a graduate student in the Dissertation peer review process.

Peer review is a process wherein a large number of reviewers scan the dissertation in order to highlight all the errors, whether they are grammatical ones or the logical errors. In the peer review process, each reviewer is asked to prepare a letter with suggested changes to the respective manuscript. In addition to this, all the reviewers who are present at the dissertation peer review session are also asked to make a recommendation about whether to accept the manuscript as it is or accept it with revisions. The peer reviewers can also suggest that the author revises and re-submits the manuscript in order to avoid the rejection of the manuscript. I hope the information furnished in this blog post would have surely helped you in gathering a great amount of information about the importance of participating in a dissertation peer review process.

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