Percentages- usage for data presentation

Percentages are a good mode for data presentation as they help in simplifying numbers, as it reduces them from 0 to 100 ranges. Through the use of percentage, data is reduced in a uniform way form with base equal to 100 which helps in relative comparison.

The researcher should keeping mind the following rules while using percentages:

Two or more percentage should not be averaged till the time each is not weighed by the group size from where it has been taken.

Too large percentages should be avoided, as a large percentage is complex and becomes ambiguous leading to failure of the purpose for which it has been used.

Percentages can hide the base from where they have been computed.

Percentage decrease should never exceed 100 per cent and as such to calculate the percentage of decrease, the higher figure should invariably be taken as the base.

Percentage should be worked out by the researcher in the direction of the causal-factor in case of two-dimension tables and for this purpose we must select the more important factor out of the two given factors as the causal factor.


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