How to use peer review services

If you have written a research paper, you must aim to get it published in a reputed journal. It is highly probable that your next step, after wrapping up the paper, will be to get it peer reviewed by a professional reviewer. But, can you trust any person for doing a critical review of your paper? Or, for that matter, can you be 100% sure that the information you share about your original research will not be misused in any way? Unless and until you have complete information about the background and credentials of the peer reviewer, you cannot be certain of the value addition that they will be able to make.

Since peer reviewers follow a double-blind refereeing process, it is difficult to get such details about the reviewers, which will make you confident about the service that you take. The best option is to contact a professional agency that has a team of peer reviewers from every field. If the organization is well-known and trusted, then you will be sanguine about the review results and safety of your document.

Here are some steps that you will need to follow to ensure that you use the correct peer review service, and in an appropriate manner:

  • Choose the team with care: Make sure that the team you choose has experience of reviewing papers in the field. Ask the agency about the credentials of the peer reviewers, and for any papers they have published.
  • Discuss your needs: If required, consider talking to the service managers about your paper and the targeted journal, to ensure that the reviewers are aware of the style followed by the targeted journal.
  • Study the suggestions: The suggestions given by the peer review experts must be thoroughly studied. Any changes must be made only after you have understood the implication of the change. If you are not able to find some resources that are suggested by the peer review team, then you should consult with the service managers.
  • Confer with guide: The comments should be discussed with your supervisors or research guides, to ensure that they must be applied to the report. Getting feedback from them about the changes will help you improve the paper.

If you follow these steps while accessing a peer review service, then you will be able to make the best use of the chosen service, and keep your paper safe.

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