Giving the right citations

One of the most important things that a student should remember when he is working on a dissertation is that it is vital for him to provide the right citations. In case he has borrowed material from somewhere else and from the work of another author then he should acknowledge the contributions of that author. Otherwise the student would be charged with plagiarising someone else’s work and that is a serious charge.

There are many different ways of giving citations. Each formatting style like the APA style and the MLA style have their own way of giving citations. Based on which style the student is using, the citations need to be given in that particular style. When the student gives the citations in an incorrect format, the university boards deduct marks from the project. The student should ideally submit the project for peer review once he has finished work on the project. The reviewer should be one who is skilled enough and knowledgeable enough about all aspects of academic formatting. When he goes through the project, he checks for all the citations. He ensures that each paragraph has been marked carefully and the appropriate acknowledgements have been made. In case, the researcher has left something out then the reviewer gets back to him and asks him to make the rectifications.

This saves the owner of the content from being embarrassed in front of higher authorities because he did not put the right citations. The peer reviewer also gives other advice and recommends other rectifications that ensure that the project meets with the high standards expected of a student at this level. The student himself should take the efforts to ensure that he is up-to-date with all aspects of giving citations. Giving the right citations is a good way of scoring marks and impressing reviewers.

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