Following the supervisor

Research questions are important because:

  • Helps in search for literature
  • Guides decisions regarding selection of research design
  • Assists in what kind of data to be collected and the respective source
  • Helps in analysis of data
  • How data is to be written is also assisted
  • Sets the right direction

A researcher generally works on the area that interest him.  It could be derived from any of the several sources:

  • Personal experience:  it amy depend upon the personal choice of the researcher or some experience that stems from his real life experience which he may want to pen down and share with the readers
  • Theory: there could be few researchers who might be interested to test features and aspects of labour process theory or situational and contingency theories on organisation structure.
  • The research literature: interest in the nature of shop-floor work could be stimulated with studies related to research area as Indians working in British industry.
  • Puzzles: how would individual empowerment and team compatible with each other especially when both of them have been themes in research on quality initiatives.
  • New developments in organisations: examples of this may include the coming up of internet or diffusion of new models of organisation like TQM, Total Quality Management, call centres and customer service programmes.
  • Organisational problems: this may include problems of industrial relations or problem in recruitment regarding new management trainees and the respective sources to look for them.

All these types of sources recommend that in research the scholar would often start with a general research area or objectives that again have to be narrowed down in order to develop a more focused approach from which research questions could be generated.

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