Establishing The Correct Format For Your Dissertation

1Dissertation and research papers should be composed in the correct formats in order to attain approval and appreciation. In many graduate, and postgraduate and research programs, projects are assigned to student scholars. They are asked to complete, prepare a report, and submit the assignment report at the college within the set deadline. Several rules and guidelines, which students have to follow, are released. Failing which, report may face rejection or unsatisfactory score.

Going with the correct format is the key. However, every university has different set of rules which students need to follow. Given below are a few suggestions to establish the correct format in your dissertation essay –

Margins –

Margins play an important part in the correct formatting of a research paper. On an 11” paper, left margin should be 1.5, and right, top and bottom should be 1.

Good Quality Papers –

Next in the line is the quality of the paper. You should print your report on good quality papers only. Remove papers that have cream and yellow spots. Never choose thin papers that reflect the texts from behind.

Printing –

Your research paper should have uniform printing pattern. Therefore, get your report printed through one printer device. Additionally, to maintain the uniform printing, make sure your printer’s cartridges have sufficient ink or toner. Maybe, you can fix a new set of cartridges into your printer so that it does not go empty while printing your report.

Fonts and style –

To main the uniformity, you should use same fonts, size, style, and patterns throughout the research report. Furthermore, do not use fancy texts; it is a sin to use fancy and stylish texts in academic research reports.  Go with the font, suggested by your university or collage.

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