Among a basket of companies offering stereotype research support services, our brains lit up with this unique idea of Dissertation Peer Review where we designed a gateway for scholars to interact with a peer from their own study domain. The idea plunged when we sensed the actual need of doctoral candidates, which was not exactly the over-rated and over-priced assistance by consultancy firms, but direct interaction and guidance from a peer who has been through the complexities of the common subject area.

At Dissertation Peer Review, a unit of ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd., we aimed to ease the scholar’s search for peers who are comprehensive, yet distinctive in their work approach. With an extensive review of the dissertation, their expertise also makes them capable of giving sound edit to the research papers. We are clear about what we offer and there’s nothing more we would want to claim about our team. The important point of concern here is that the scholars must choose wisely, without getting influenced by the fancy assertions that most firms make.

Our Team:

Puneet Chadha: Founder of Dissertation Peer Review (DPR). Under his leadership, DPR has been able to forge tie-ups with over 20 leading Universities of US and Canada for reviewing doctoral dissertation pre submission. He is an expert in financial risk management and also conducts training programs on statistics.

Glen Tay: An experienced editor with over 20 years of academic publishing expert. He handles the editing portion of peer review. He has been a trainer of APA writing with ASU and Capella in the past.

Linzy Munger: Client servicing and operations in charge. She manages the relations with Universities and also ensures smooth functioning of the website.